Travel Bucket List

I’ve been very lucky to have parents that took me away on holiday every summer to loads of different places. However I still wouldn’t say I’m “well-travelled”, but I’d like to be. Most of those holidays were your classic sitting by the pool, being shoved off to Kids Club in the hope that mum and dad would get some relaxation time for at least a few hours (they didn’t; sorry mum, dad, I was never good at separation). A few of them, as I grew older, were more exciting. There was more exploring involved, and we even started going on snow sports holidays which was a nice change of pace.

Last summer I (last minute) went inter-railing through Europe with my friend from Uni. If anyone were to ask me what my greatest moment/achievement/experience of my life was, it would be that. I found my taste for travelling when I was there, and it really was a self-finding experience but on a more chilled level than you expect. It wasn’t as if I found a whole new me, but I definitely learned a lot and improved on myself because of it.

After that experience, I now want to visit so many more countries and places. So I made my travel bucket list! It will be forever growing no doubt, this is just the start of my journey, but I’d love to share a few of the places off my list that I hope to visit soon.



Norway is a country I really know nothing about, it was never on my radar. The first I even thought about travelling to Norway was to attend my boyfriend’s cousin’s christening, which is during exam time so neither of us can. But hearing a little tidbits from him about the country, or specifically where his family stays, it sounds like a place I would love to visit.

One place in particular that caught my eye was the Lofoten Islands. Not only does it have a Viking Museum which sounds awesome to me, but the old fisherman cabins have been restored as accommodation for tourists (!!!). The area itself is beautiful, and to me seems like more of a nature holiday (with a smidgen of history).


Belgium is a place I have always wanted to visit, and was actually on my list for inter-railing last year until I had to cut it down. An exchange student from my high school is from Belgium and still lives there, so I’d love to go over and visit her, and be shown around the beautiful places(/beer pit stops) of Belgium.

When I was researching back when I was planning my inter-railing trip, I found a city called Bruges. While there is a few sights to see here, if I’m honest one of the main reasons I want to visit this city is because of the Medieval architecture (bite me).

Isle of Skye

Now I’m originally from Scotland but I haven’t actually explored the highlands or isles of Scotland at ALL. Skye is one of the most popular, I’d say, out of these in terms of tourism. If you look up pictures, you’ll understand why. It is GORGEOUS and I don’t even have the words to sit and explain everything that is beautiful about this island and it’s culture.

(Fun story: someone at a table next to me in a restaurant a few weeks ago tried to argue that the Isle of Skye wasn’t an island because there was a bridge to the mainland…….. girl, no)

New Zealand

The Shire. This segment is done. (I suppose the country itself is also beautiful and a place I’d love to visit, I’d love to see the similarities and differences between a country like New Zealand to a country like Scotland – not counting the weather).


Again, this isn’t a place that was on my radar until recently. An old school friend of mine visited Morocco and I saw some beautiful, very unique pictures on their Instagram and thought they were gorgeous. Then a few days later the same pictures popped up on my laptop in an article (funny how that happens?) so I took a look further into the town they had visited, called Chefchaouen.

All of the buildings are blue. There’s a few different stories as to why they’re all painted blue, I’m not sure which one is the truth, but whatever one it is, it’s a very pretty and Instagram-worthy place to visit. Definitely one I’d love to check out at some point in the future.

~ Beka

9 thoughts on “Travel Bucket List

  1. P.S. Don't Read This (@psdontreadthis) says:

    Great travel list! You should definitely go to the Isle of Skye, it is magical. I lived for 4 years in Scotland and before I left I went on a trip there it is a MUST! I like Norway as a suggestion for visiting. I’ve never really thought about it, but it sounds intriguing and I love history so I am sure that I will love the Viking Museum! If you have a place for one more country you should visit Bulgaria. I am sure you will enjoy the nature there as well and the historical towns (Check Plovdiv as a starter! 😉


    • astrobeks says:

      Skye is definitely going to be one of the next trips I take, and considering how close I am do it honestly I have no excuses! Oh nice, where about in Scotland did you stay? ☺️ On Norway, I hadn’t thought of it as a holiday destination either but now I have I feel so stupid for it not being on my list beforehand! Especially that cluster of islands, I’m so intrigued by them!!

      I’ve been to Bulgaria a few times but only on snowboarding holidays, I’ve never actually ventured out with those resorts – thanks for the recommendation, I’ll definitely look it up! 😌


  2. Natasha Braid says:

    I love reading people’s travel posts and bucket lists. I also would love to go to Norway, Isle of Skye and New Zealand. I’m hoping to go to Isle of Skye at some point this year. Good read


    • astrobeks says:

      I’m also hoping I’ll be able to visit Skye this year, I feel I’ll have let myself down if I don’t considering how close I am to it 😂

      Thank you!


  3. Bridget Fay says:

    honestly, this matches up so perfectly with some of the places on my travel list too! I got to go to Belgium a few weeks ago for a weekend in Brussels and it was so pretty! I would love to go back to the county and spend a week going around to all the different beautiful cites!


    • astrobeks says:

      I’m so glad you liked this! Lucky, I’m really gutted I decided against Belgium in the end last summer, but I’m definitely going to find time to visit at some point in the next few years!


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