Vintage Clothing Haul

Last month I went to a Vintage Kilo Sale in Edinburgh, where you pick up as many items as you want and pay by the weight of them (in this case, per kilo) rather than for each individual item.

I went with my best friend Abbi (her blog is over here if you want to check her out) ((I don’t know why I’m shouting her out because she is SO more experienced and popular than me but she is AMAZING so I can’t not)) and maybe went a bit crazy with the spending…

However, it was totally worth it as I picked up some really cute pieces – a few of which I’ve worn multiple times, already – so I thought I’d share them with you guys!

Haul 8


First off, I picked up this really cute jumper! If there is one thing I have too many of, it’s jumpers, but I can’t stop myself from buying them. I loved the slight high neck on this one, as well as the cute pattern, and it’s so comfy to wear.


Haul 7


I also picked up this skirt. It’s just a plain, long, grey pleated skirt but I thought it was so nice and would look cute with a pair of tights and a plain top for one of those more basic looks.



Haul 6


This is one of my favourite purchases! It’s a dark pink, cord oversized shirt. I love wearing oversized shirts just on their own, but this one in particular looks great over a plain white t-shirt and it’s definitely a look I’ll be going back to over the summer!



Haul 5
Now this purchase is a bit more out my comfort-zone. I managed to find this Laura Ashley dress, which goes below the knees and is this very pretty, old-looking floral print. It has a collar and puffy shoulders, and is super cute and something I’d love to be able to wear! I just have to pluck up the courage and find some accessories to make this dress my own.


Haul 4


This is another of my favourite purchases. I’m not actually into “episcopal soccer” like the logo says, but I picked this up because it was massive, I loved the colour, and it looked so cosy (it is!!!) to wear around the flat, or outside if I’m having a big of a casual/slobbish day.


Haul 3


This jumper was bought for me by the wonderful Abbi as a birthday present ♡ it is so incredibly soft, and I love the different shades of greens and the flower/leaf detail – I’m so excited to wear this when spring finally hits!



Haul 1


This last purchase is something I cannot wait to wear once the weather picks up and gets a little warmer. It’s a long leather coat (sorry the pictures don’t do it justice, it was a very awkward item to photograph!) and I am in LOVE.

Haul 2


I walked past this coat at least 3 times, thinking it was too heavy and would be too expensive, before thinking fuck it and picking it up. I was surprised each time I saw it that it was still there – I thought it was gorgeous and that it would get snatched up so quickly. But, I think at some point on the third time round I realised I would regret it if I walked out of there without it, so I am very glad nobody else had took it!



That’s everything I got at the Vintage Kilo Sale!

If there is ever one near you, I 100% recommend you to go! I know they go to loads of places around the UK if you’re based here and interested. It was a lot less frantic than I thought it would be, and the staff there were super nice – even stopping Abbi and I to take a picture of us and our ridiculous amounts of clothing. I definitely feel I’ve picked up a few items that will be in my wardrobe for quite a long time – especially that coat!

Which one is your favourite?
~ Beka

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