Dyeing My Naturally Red Hair

Hi guys! A while ago I was watching a YouTube video and a woman (I’m sorry, I can’t remember your channel name / find it again!) with red hair similar to mine tried out the Superdrug Pick & Mix non-permanent hair colour, and said that she had some success with it.

I’ve always wanted to dye my hair bright colours, especially a peachy pink as of late, but having red hair stops me before I can even get started. Not only would I have to bleach the shit out of my hair, but then if I put dye on top of that it wouldn’t stick to my hair as well as it would for people with other hair types. I’ve bleached parts of my hair and put permanent dye on top before, and the dye fades so fast / basically washes out (not instantly of course, but quicker than it usually should).

However, after hearing this woman’s review, I wanted to try it out for myself and see if I could get a slight pink colour to my hair!

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My Study Essentials

It’s coming up to exam season for me. I’ve just finished my lectures for this semester, and I’m now officially in study leave, and my first exam is in 3 weeks, and PANIC.

So, in true procrastination fashion, I’m writing a blog post instead of attending to my massive list to-do list. To try and keep myself in the study mindset, I thought I’d gather all my study essentials together and talk you through them, and – whether you just love stationery or you’re about to sit exams yourself – hopefully you’ll enjoy this post!

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April Bullet Journal Set-Up

I’m not very arty, and so my bullet journal isn’t as beautiful as most bloggers and YouTubers out there. Actually, I’ve always used mine more like a diary rather than a bullet journal, but I am starting to make more of a effort to plan out my month and stay organised.

Not only is it calming to take some time out to draw and plan the month ahead, but it can also keep you on track for any goals you have for that month. Since my exams start at the end of April, I have more of a study theme for my journal this time round. Since my timetable will fluctuate depending on how much I achieved the previous day, I haven’t planned out the entire month just yet, but only week 1, however I will be keeping the same layout each week. Also, I mentioned that I use my journal as a diary, too – another reason I keep space at the end of each weekly spread as well.

So, let’s get into it!

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