Bullet Journal Set-Up | June

Last month I didn’t get around to writing in my bullet journal, or posting a spread on here as I was in the middle of my exams and just didn’t have the time. But this month I’ve managed to get it organised in advance!

Like before, I am not very artistic and I’m still trying to find my style so every month is pretty simple, but different. Hopefully you still like reading these kinds of blog posts from me, as I really enjoy doing them!

So far, I have only written down a spread for the 1st week on June. As I’ve mentioned before I also use my journal as a diary to write down my thoughts and feelings. So, to try keep the happenings of each week together, I organise my bullet journal week by week.

June 2

As always, I have written down a monthly calendar to refer to. I’ve then written down all the things I’d like to achieve over the course of this month in my personal life, but also with reference to my blog as well. I’ve never set myself any blog goals before as I’ve just been enjoying it as it comes, but now that I have more free time until University starts again, I’d love to put more effort into growing my blog and social media platforms!

I received a calligraphy pen for Christmas and decided to try and make use of it in my journal, so the “June” title was used with that pen, as is the tracker and food diary titles on the next double page. I love the look of it and can’t wait to play around with it a bit more!

On the right hand side, I wrote down a list of the days and dates for the first week, and that will be used as my calendar to keep track of the things I have to do on that particular day.

June 3

On my next double page I have a number of trackers. I’m planning to get back into exercise as over the past few months I’ve put on some weight, and I’m struggling to get into some of my clothes, so in order to keep my current wardrobe and not splash out on having to buy a whole new one, I’d like to slim down a little so I can fit comfortably in my jeans and trousers again!

I’m also planning to be more active on social media, which is part of my blog goals, too. I will be keeping track of the days I do that, and also the days I write and post blog posts on here!

This week, I re-potted a plant and sown some herbs (an upcoming blog post – keep your eyes peeled!) in some really cute pots I bought from Flying Tiger, and in order to look after them well I have added a plant care tracker into my journal.

I’ve also added a food diary as I struggle with some mild intolerances, and want to keep track of when I am eating these products so that I am only having them a few days a week to keep the pain and bloating down. I also want to start eating healthier to further help in slimming myself down.

There are little banners to tell me what meals I have in the fridge and therefore can eat at each meal-time (as you can tell, I need to do a shop) and then a box for each day of the week, so I can write down what I ate. I messed this bit up as the 1st week of June starts with a Friday, but I accidentally wrote down the boxes in order from Monday – Friday, but I’ll just work with this and rectify it for next week. Whoops.

June 1

As you can tell, I’m by no means amazing at designing my bullet journal, but I’m still trying to find my style and hopefully will bring you something a little more creative next month.

I hope you liked this post – what are your plans and goals for June?

~ Beka

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