Rick and Morty Cocktail Bar | Pop-Up Geeks

I visited the Pop Up Geeks again, and this time round they had a Rick and Morty themed cocktail bar! I love Rick and Morty, and when I first met my boyfriend that was one of the first things we talked about – so it was a definite that I was dragging him with me to check it out!

If you haven’t read about my last visit with the Pop Up Geeks, you can read about it here. They were doing a Harry Potter theme called Perilous Potions, and it was amazing! Now, onto Rick and Morty…

Named “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub” (nice!), the bar was decorated with all things Rick and Morty. In one corner was Rick’s shelf in the garage and a piece of paper on the wall with a number 6 drawn on, and by the door was a skeleton with Anatomy Park inside of it, and a whiteboard with the mathematical proof of why Summer and Morty were pieces of shit.

Rick 3

The mirrors had bright green lights surrounding them which you will be able to tell from the green hue in all of these photos. Over the walls were decals of characters or things from the show, and above the front door as you look from the outside were mathematical formulae just to add to the sciencey, geeky feel. I didn’t get a picture of this, or the skeleton and whiteboard as people were sat at a table right in front of it, but believe me when I say it was cool!

Rick 1

We ordered a couple of cocktails each and some shots on a few of the rounds. My favourite thing by far on the menu were Pickle-backs. If you don’t know what these are, they are one shot of bourbon and one shot of pickle juice/brine. You do the shot of bourbon first, followed by the shot pickle juice. My old manager introduced me to them last year, so I was super excited to see them on the menu at Wubba Lubba Dub Dub.

The first cocktails we ordered were The 9 Season Arc and Concentrated Dark Matter. Like their last Harry Potter theme, you got to make your own cocktail with Concentrated Dark Matter, but unfortunately not with any of the other cocktails. My boyfriend got this one, and it was a gorgeous almost black colour with glittery bits that looked so cool when you swirled the drink. It was a rum-based drink, with cherry flavours and was really nice.

You were given your cocktail ingredients in the little flasks, with a scroll with the instructions on how to make it. It was all mixed in a tin can before you strained it into your glass. Definitely the coolest on the menu, and as my boyf is a Physics student, I think we both knew that was going to be his first drink.

I got The 9 Season Arc, which was served to me from a hip flask much like Rick’s which I thought was really cool. It was a gin drink with sherry, pineapple, citrus and Szechuan peppercorns. The bartender brought over the glass and poured the cocktail into it from the flask for me which I thought was a lovely touch, and also a great way to stop people from “accidentally” taking that hip flask home (which I’m sure plenty of people will have wanted to do).

Rick 9

For our next drinks, we actually moved tables as the one we were at was a little cramped and close to two other full tables. It was only one table along, but it did feel more comfortable and spacious for me.

We ordered the Mega Fruit and Existence is Pain. The Mega Fruit is tequila with a variety of different fruits and flavours, with matcha, ginseng and celery flavours, too. It was really nice and refreshing! Existence is Pain was a blue (of course) coloured drink, made with mescal and cachaca, and had fresh chillies in it which was interesting. It was a nice drink though, however I only had a taste as I wasn’t the one to order it.

Rick 6

The Mega Fruit is the one closest to you in the picture, and the Existence is Pain is the furthest away one. This round, we ordered some Pickle-backs, with the bourbon coming in cute beakers instead of shot glasses!

For our last round, we picked drinks for each other. I chose the Dumb Grandson Pep-Talk for my boyfriend, which is vodka and campari, with blood orange and cinnamon flavours. And my boyfriend chose the Cocktail on the Cob for me, which was a strawberry flavoured vodka drink, with egg white for a real velvety consistency.

We also ordered some more shots, but this time opted for the Pickle De Muerto which was mezcal, with pickled mango and jalapeño.

Rick 5

The Cocktail on the Cob is the drink closest to you in the picture. For the Dumb Grandson Pep-Talk, I can’t remember what was in the beaker but you got your cocktail and something else in a smaller beaker (like the shot glasses) that you added to your drink, and however much you added depended on how bitter you wanted the drink, I think. I could be wrong – by that point I had a few so my mind isn’t 100% clear on remembering what it was.

The entire menu was packed full of so many more cocktails, and it was also funny to read the descriptions of all the drinks. If you don’t drink alcohol and you’re there with your friends, there is also a “Jerry-boree” option, where they will make you a mocktail with your favourite flavours, which I thought was lovely for people who can’t/don’t drink.

Also, there is a bakery next door, and they had teamed up to make “eye-holes” which were basically filled doughnuts. I’m really sad we never ended up buying one in the end, but they looked delicious!

Rick 4

That was the end of our Rick and Morty cocktail adventure! The theme lasts until 28th July, so if you’re up in Edinburgh before that, get onto their website and book a table. It’s such a great atmosphere, and so many drinks to choose from as well. They’re all around the £7-£9 mark, but even if you just pop in for one, it’s well worth it.

Or, if you’re up in Edinburgh during the Fringe, they are changing their theme during that time to Lord of the Rings, which will be open from 3rd Aug – Oct, so definitely book in advance and check that out!

Hope you all enjoyed this post – what was your favourite drink we ordered?

~ Beka

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