Rick and Morty Cocktail Bar | Pop-Up Geeks

I visited the Pop Up Geeks again, and this time round they had a Rick and Morty themed cocktail bar! I love Rick and Morty, and when I first met my boyfriend that was one of the first things we talked about – so it was a definite that I was dragging him with me to check it out!

If you haven’t read about my last visit with the Pop Up Geeks, you can┬áread about it here. They were doing a Harry Potter theme called Perilous Potions, and it was amazing! Now, onto Rick and Morty…

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The Body Coach’s Chocolate Orange Popcorn Bars | Recipes

This is another recipe from The Body Coach, specially his fat loss cookbook. I thought this would have a crunchy consistency, but it was actually quite soft having mixed the popcorn in with the melted chocolate.

Even so, I really enjoyed it so I thought I would share with you guys, too!

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The Body Coach’s Cashew Energy Balls | Recipes

I recently had a bit of a baking frenzy and made a couple of different things (banana bread, these energy balls, and a chocolate popcorn recipe that should be up next week). Two of these are recipes from The Body Coach, specifically his fat loss cookbook. I’ve always want to try energy balls as they look so easy to make, and I’m glad I chose these ones!

They have dates and coconut in them, both of which I love! They’re very quick to make and all you need is a food blender, or I used a nutri-bullet and it worked really well.

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Harry Potter and the Cocktail Bar | Pop-Up Geeks

This last week I went to a themed cocktail bar in Edinburgh, run by the Pop-Up Geeks. Every couple of months they change the theme of the bar, and this time round it was Harry Potter!

I took so many photos (and had quite a few cocktails) but it was very dark, and I was using my phone rather than my camera, so you’ll have to excuse the quality.┬áThe cocktails we’re delicious, and they had so many different flavours and drinks to offer, and at points they would play songs from the soundtrack, which just added to the amazing experience.

HP 15

First off, as you walk in, the bar is decorated with letters hanging from the ceiling and framed declarations (like Umbridge’s) on the walls. The space itself is very small, but cosy.

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