Arm-Knitting A Chunky Blanket

A while ago I bought a huge 4kg ball of wool with the aim to arm-knit myself one of those chunky blankets I’ve seen all over the internet for a few years now, and because of exams it sat in the corner for weeks. But now that Uni is over for the semester, I finally got around to knitting it the other night!

The wool was a bit pricey at £60 for 4kg, but still one of the cheaper, good quality options I could find in the UK. Plus, it was an amount I was willing to spend to have the experience of making my own blanket. I bought mine from Woolly Mahoosive and opted for their acrylic “Mammoth” yarn in Amber, as the acrylic yarn was the cheaper option – however, it still feels lovely and soft. The company also included recommended instructions for making a blanket out of the wool, which was very helpful as I wasn’t quite sure where to start.

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My Happy Places

I struggle with depression and anxiety and I have done for years. I have good periods and bad periods, and sometimes it can even fluctuate from day to day, but there are a few specific things that I feel have helped me get by, or even overcome the worst of it, when I’ve been stuck in a bad place.

While these things don’t cure me, or make me instantly happy, they do help make me feel more zen and comforted in those darker and lonelier moments.

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