Looking After Yourself During Exams

If you’re anything like me, exam season is a massive puddle of tears, stress, and leaving everything to the last minute. It also contributes to a huge downwards spiral in my mental health, which I always neglect because studying for and passing my exams are “more important” … which is a bunch of bullshit, but every semester, this is the stance I take and end up having a bit of a breakdown as a result.

This semester, I’m trying to look after myself moreĀ while I study, instead of leaving it until after my exams are over. This post is more of a reflection on what I do wrong, and what I can do better to look after my physical and mental health, but I also hope that it may help some of you guys, too.

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My Study Essentials

It’s coming up to exam season for me. I’ve just finished my lectures for this semester, and I’m now officially in study leave, and my first exam is in 3 weeks, and PANIC.

So, in true procrastination fashion, I’m writing a blog post instead of attending to my massive list to-do list. To try and keep myself in the study mindset, I thought I’d gather all my study essentials together and talk you through them, and – whether you just love stationery or you’re about to sit exams yourself – hopefully you’ll enjoy this post!

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