My Top 5 Spring Outfit Picks

Now that the weather is starting to warm up and actually feel like Spring, I wanted to share my top outfit picks for the slightly warmer weather with you!

I’m so excited to wear all these outfits and not have to cover up my clothes with jumpers and big, chunky jackets – I hope you like them!

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Vintage Clothing Haul

Last month I went to a Vintage Kilo Sale in Edinburgh, where you pick up as many items as you want and pay by the weight of them (in this case, per kilo) rather than for each individual item.

I went with my best friend Abbi (her blog is over here if you want to check her out) ((I don’t know why I’m shouting her out because she is SO more experienced and popular than me but she is AMAZING so I can’t not)) and maybe went a bit crazy with the spending…

However, it was totally worth it as I picked up some really cute pieces – a few of which I’ve worn multiple times, already – so I thought I’d share them with you guys!

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