Rick and Morty Cocktail Bar | Pop-Up Geeks

I visited the Pop Up Geeks again, and this time round they had a Rick and Morty themed cocktail bar! I love Rick and Morty, and when I first met my boyfriend that was one of the first things we talked about – so it was a definite that I was dragging him with me to check it out!

If you haven’t read about my last visit with the Pop Up Geeks, you can┬áread about it here. They were doing a Harry Potter theme called Perilous Potions, and it was amazing! Now, onto Rick and Morty…

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Re-potting & Planting New Seeds

Recently I was in Flying Tiger and noticed some really cute vases / plant pots, and wanted to have a little collection of plants and herbs by my window, so I bought them, a plant, and some seeds and thought I’d write a blog post about it.

There were so many cute pots in the shop. I picked up a few coloured pots, and a pink flower vase, too. I also picked up a plain white one in the shape of a camera. They have a few different object shaped vases and pots, and I’m sure I’m going to go back and pick up some more so I can grow my herb collection!

Plant 1

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The Body Coach’s Cashew Energy Balls | Recipes

I recently had a bit of a baking frenzy and made a couple of different things (banana bread, these energy balls, and a chocolate popcorn recipe that should be up next week). Two of these are recipes from The Body Coach, specifically his fat loss cookbook. I’ve always want to try energy balls as they look so easy to make, and I’m glad I chose these ones!

They have dates and coconut in them, both of which I love! They’re very quick to make and all you need is a food blender, or I used a nutri-bullet and it worked really well.

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Bullet Journal Set-Up | June

Last month I didn’t get around to writing in my bullet journal, or posting a spread on here as I was in the middle of my exams and just didn’t have the time. But this month I’ve managed to get it organised in advance!

Like before, I am not very artistic and I’m still trying to find my style so every month is pretty simple, but different. Hopefully you still like reading these kinds of blog posts from me, as I really enjoy doing them!

So far, I have only written down a spread for the 1st week on June. As I’ve mentioned before I also use my journal as a diary to write down my thoughts and feelings. So, to try keep the happenings of each week together, I organise my bullet journal week by week.

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